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California, one of the most preferred states in the country by millions of residents and visitors from all over the world. The fact that there is so much to do in and around California, makes it so attractive and welcoming to everyone. Kids from all ages, teenagers, adults and seniors are invited to experience the magnificent attractions and activities that California has to offer all year long. 

From Hollywood attractions to Napa wine tours, Beverly Hills sights to Malibu beaches, or Santa Monica to Lake Tahoe, California is the perfect place to enjoy vacation at any time of the year, or relocating in its magnificent cities and towns. California vibes are so overwhelming and exciting, that the state has a list of iconic nationwide and worldwide recognitions.

The state has the fifth largest economy in the world, with nearly around 40 million people living in it. The city of Los Angeles, is the most populous city in California, and has become the major center for the American Entertainment Industry. 

Sacramento, the state capital, is well known for its variety of historical sites such as the State Capital or Capitol Park, to name a few. The city of Sacramento was ranked as one of the nation’s best places to live, due to its high quality of life and job opportunities for residents. 

California Car Shipping

Shipping your car in California whether it is long distance or short distance, is a great idea, especially if you’re moving out from one city to another. Relocating from Sacramento to Los Angeles is very popular among residents that are looking for new opportunities or a lifestyle change.

Driving a car from Los Angeles to Sacramento or vice versa, can take you around 6 hours. Although it might not seem as much, when you are planning to move to another city, it will be adding you much more time, stress, and even money than what you will be expecting. 

Therefore, hiring a car shipping service that will transport your car from Sacramento, CA to Los Angeles, CA, will for sure be the best alternative when it comes to taking your car to your new home. 

There are different transport services, methods, and car shipping companies that will provide you a shipping service from Sacramento to Los Angeles. However, it’s important to follow certain tips and simple steps so that you're able to pick a reliable car shipping company, with affordable auto transport rates, and of course, a professional service that will definitely give you peace of mind when shipping.

Selecting a Reliable Car Shipping Company

The first step for shipping your car is selecting a reliable car shipping company that will ensure you a successful transport of your vehicle from city to city. You should verify the following aspects for each auto transport company:

  • Read customer reviews on the company’s website or reliable customer review website for numerous car shipping companies.
  • Check that the company is verified by the FMCSA. That should be shown at the bottom or information section of the company.
  • The company allows you to request your free quote before hiring the shipping service.
  • Customer service responds quickly, is nice to its customers and has different channels such as phone calls or chat through the website.

AmeriFreight is one of the top leading companies in the auto transport industry in the country. Yearly, we ship thousands of vehicles successfully across the state of California. Our customers prefer us for our reliable services, excellent vehicle conditions upon delivery, amazing customer service, free quote calculator, and competitive prices.  

What Does a Car Shipping Quote Exactly Mean?

Car shipping quotes are a way of providing car movers an estimate of what their total cost to ship their vehicle will be. Most car shipping companies in California provide this service for free. 

At AmeriFreight, requesting the free car shipping quote is pretty simple and is done this way:

  1. Go to AmeriFreight’s main website.
  2. Click on the “Get an Instant Quote” section and provide the details you’re being asked. (Origin State and Destination State. In this case, you’ll be selecting from California to California).
  3. Then, you’ll be asked to add other details about you, your vehicle, and locations in each city. 
  4. Right after that, you’ll get an estimate of your shipping cost from Sacramento to Los Angeles.

You can also take a look at the table below, which gives approximate costs of shipping between different cities.

What Transport Methods are Available for California Car Shipping?

Here at AmeriFreight, we offer different shipping methods for your transport depending on several features. Our car shipping service includes:

Open auto transport - We will load your vehicle onto secured open carriers with approximately 8 more vehicles. It’s the most popular transport option, since it's safe, prices are affordable, and carriers are constantly available.  

Enclosed auto transport - Your vehicle will be loaded in enclosed haulers and a completely personalized space. Although prices tend to be a bit higher compared to open auto transport, this is the best option for vintage, luxury, brand new or collection vehicles that need to be protected from the outdoors during the journey.

Door to door shipping - We will pick up, load, unload, and deliver your car right at your door. You can give us any address you prefer for pickup and delivery, and one of our carriers will get there to begin and culminate the journey in Los Angeles. 

Are There Any Available Discounts for California Car Shipping?

We have excellent discounts for customers that belong to certain groups. Discounts vary depending on each group, but range between $25 and $50 off. 

  • Military
  • First Responders
  • Medical Personnel 
  • Students
  • Senior Citizens 
  • Early Bird
  • Returning Customer

Reasons Why Customers Opt for Transport Services in California

There are different reasons why car movers prefer hiring a car shipping service rather than driving their own vehicle from Sacramento to Los Angeles. Here’s a few of them:

Students: Many students prefer to ship their vehicle while they move to their new college dorm or home in Los Angeles. California has some of the best and top ranked universities in the nation, a reason why thousands of students will opt for moving and studying there. 

Job changes: Los Angeles is a mecca of job opportunities in the country. People who look for new job alternatives will put Los Angeles at the top of their bucket list. 

Car Shows: Los Angeles has some of the most famous car shows across the country. Participants will prefer to move their vehicles by hiring transport services instead of driving them due to safety and usage reasons.

Military Relocation: Members of the military have to frequently move from city to city. As such, hiring a car shipping company is the best way of taking it to Los Angeles in a matter of days.  

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