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Transporting your vehicle from place to place has recently turned into a great alternative for those who either travel frequently and stay for long periods of time, constant relocators, or even vintage car collectors. If you’re a ‘snowbird’, someone who loves to travel to warmer temperatures in the cold winter, then transporting your car with an auto transport company could be the best alternative for your move. 

A bit more about snowbirds

Let’s talk more deeply about the meaning of being a snowbird today. Since the nation has different climates and weather changes across it, some people, typically those retirees who live in colder temperatures, will travel to a warmer area and stay there for the duration of the winter season. That’s why most of them have winter residences to enjoy the hot weather in the southern zone of the country. 

Although the majority of movers are retirees, business owners, families with children, among others, also like to move to warmer climates during the rest of the year. That implies, however, bringing crucial goods from home, such as their own vehicle to drive, out of necessity or convenience. 

Snowbird Auto Transport

Since traveling cross country takes you a lot of time in general, driving your own vehicle is probably not an option. As such, we recommend you to hire a car shipping company to get your vehicle shipped in a matter of days, unless you’d like to drive long distances that commonly take more than 24 hours on the road!

Considering the fact that most snowbirds will need to take their vehicle with them to their next destination, most auto shipping companies like AmeriFreight, offer excellent car transport services, great car shipping prices, personalized customer service, and free instant quotes to make your vehicle shipping process a great experience. 

How much does it cost to ship a car cross country?

Auto Transport Companies such as AmeriFreight are specialized in vehicle transport to long distance areas. Therefore, prices tend to vary depending on several variables, that will eventually cost more or less depending on differing factors such as the following:

  • Pickup and delivery location from your home to your summer or winter destination (distance among them)

  • Type of vehicle and features (size, dimensions, weight, model)

  • Shipping method (door-to-door transport, enclosed auto transport, open air transport)

  • Time of the year (seasons, weather conditions, road conditions)

  • Route (High or low traffic routes)

Note: You should consider that there is a direct relationship between factors and cost. As factors increase, such as distance, the cost to ship will increase as well.

How can snowbirds request their vehicle shipping service?

Requesting a shipping service is pretty easy. At AmeriFreight, scheduling your car transport service works this way:

  1. Enter our company's website and request a free quote. 

  1. Contact one of our customer service agents for more information about the shipping service via phone call or website chat. 

  1. Request the service, schedule the dates, available hours, cost of shipping, and select transport methods (door to door shipping, enclosed auto transport, open auto transport).

  1. Prepare your vehicle for shipment and wait for pickup at your requested location.

  1. Sign requested documents before loading and wait for delivery.

  1. Check your vehicle’s conditions after unloading, sign the rest of the documents and receive your car at your desired destination.

What transport methods are available for car shipping?

Here at AmeriFreight, we offer different shipping methods for your transport depending on several features. Our car shipping service includes:

Open auto transport

We will load your vehicle onto secured open haulers with 8 other more vehicles. It’s the most popular transport option, since it's safe, prices are affordable, and carriers are constantly available.  

Enclosed auto transport

Your vehicle will be loaded in enclosed haulers and a completely personalized space. Although prices tend to be a bit higher compared to open auto transport, this is the best option for vintage, luxury, brand new or collection vehicles that need to be protected from the outdoors during the journey. 

Door to door shipping

We will pick up, load, unload, and deliver your car right at your door. You can give us the address you prefer for pickup and delivery, and one of our carriers will get there to begin and culminate the journey.

What to consider when selecting a car shipping company?

Since there are tons of auto transport companies across the country that ship snowbird’s vehicles, there are a few things you must consider before hiring the service, in order to make your experience successful. 

  • Check if they allow you to request free quotes. Most shipping companies have this option for their users. If they are charging you for this, they’re probably going to charge you higher rates for the transport as well, or it means they’re beginners in the industry. 

  • Customer service must be nice, warm, personalized and steady. This will allow you to have a better tracking of your car, and means that the company cares well for the picking and delivery conditions of the vehicle, and does a great job on the process during the entire journey.

  • Customer reviews are generally positive, meaning that clients felt comfortable with the service and had great results during their shipment. You can check for them at the company’s website, or google them. 

What are the most common snowbird routes? 

Snowbirds tend to travel through the interstate or coast-to-coast within the country. Auto shipping services tend to vary among states, but New Jersey, New York, Maine, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are the most demanded ones during winter seasons. Zones and states like Florida, Arizona and California, are used to be the most desirable destinations for relocating during snowbird seasons. 

Hot spots in each state 

  • Florida

  • Orlando 

  • Fort Lauderdale

  • Jacksonville

  • Tampa 

  • Miami 

  • Arizona

  • Tucson

  • Phoenix 

  • Sedona

  • Scottsdale 

  • Tombstone 

  • California 

  • San Francisco

  • San Diego 

  • Los Angeles 

  • Santa Monica

  • Monterrey 

Is Vehicle Insurance Available for Auto Transport Services?

Top rated auto transport services and companies like AmeriFreight provide for vehicle’s insurance for car shipping through our trusted carriers. All shipments include the basic coverage for insurance, but you can opt for full coverage by contacting an external company as well, or opting into gap protection. There are also different levels of coverage, but the full coverage is the most utilized for car movers.

A Few Recommendations Before Shipping

  • Request your shipping quote before scheduling your service (should be a free quote).

  • Read a few customer reviews and make sure they are up to date and positive.

  • Select the most adequate transport method for your vehicle.

  • Choose a reliable shipping company.

  • Prepare your car with adequate maintenance before shipping and ensure everything is in good condition.

  • Don’t leave belongings inside the vehicle during transit. 

  • Take pictures in the inside and outside of your car prior to loading. 

  • Read the company policies before signing to ensure your total cost to ship your vehicle without any hidden fees.

  • Always get insurance verification for your car during the journey.

Fun Facts About Snowbirds 

  • Most people tend to think snowbirds are birds, but they are actually people.

  • The term “snowbird” has been around for almost 100 years.

  • Most international snowbirds come from Canada.

  • Baby boomers are taking over the snowbird population.

  • Snowbirds have a huge impact on the economy of many southern states.

Ship With AmeriFreight

We are considered as one of the top auto shipping companies in the United States, where thousands of happy and returning customers have transported their vehicle to their snowbirds destinations. 

Request a quote today! Call us or visit our website, we are more than happy to ship your vehicle during your snowbird season.

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