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About Us

We stand for quality and behind the banner of our humble beginnings – something that keeps us honest and lets us give you the best possible auto transport service out there!

AmeriFreight is a broker

YOUR CAR. We make it our business to care about you and your vehicle.

You may be concerned to know that AmeriFreight is a broker. Most probably because you may believe brokers are unnecessary. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most reputable auto transport carrier (trucking) companies do their business through brokers. AmeriFreight, as a top-rated car shipping company, ensures that our over 10 000 carrier partners are thoroughly vetted to ship your vehicle legally and reliably.

Part of our vetting process ensures carriers carry full insurance against carrier error. In the event a driver causes damage, they (and their insurance) will be responsible for covering it. Any damage caused other than carrier error will be referred to as the customer’s own insurance requiring a deductible payment. We recommend customers purchase the AFta PLAN gap coverage that will eliminate out of pocket expenses (including deductibles). AmeriFreight is one of a few auto transport companies that offer this exclusive benefit to its customers. By shipping directly with a car carrier, you will only have some, if any, of the benefits AmeriFreight affords you. You risk important customer service support, possible illegal or uninsured transportation, and the safety of your vehicle.

AmeriFreight is genuinely a different breed of car shipping company.

From the time of its inception in 2004 to the present day, we have turned the car shipping industry on its head, from aggressive, innovative new pricing and shipping options, to establishing an unparalleled level of customer service. As a result, most companies established after us and even already well-established businesses have modeled themselves according to our strategy and methodology.

Based in Georgia, AmeriFreight is a growing car shipping company that is a result of immense entrepreneurial efforts and a resolve to give customers the best experience they can ask for. With over fifteen years of collective experience under our belts, AmeriFreight is a company standing on a foundation of expertise.

From intra-city moving to inter-state auto transport services, we ensure that all your car shipping requirements are met to your specifications, within a reasonable budget, and under your deadline.

Our work revolves around the virtues that make a company great to work with; dedication, discipline, and passion for what we do. We have a strong ethics committee within the company that makes sure we are performing our duties to the best of our abilities, something that our commitment to deliver high-quality service mirrors. The thousands of clients who have chosen us are proof of that!

Along the way, we got to meet a slew of amazing people, along with different organizations and competitors. We were lucky enough to be blessed with an audience and competition that is always ready to help us get better by giving us constructive feedback time and time again.

Our principles dictate that we pursue continued growth only via customer satisfaction.


We join heads once every week to strategize our expansion and improve your experience as our valued client. We discuss feedback, remarks, ways we can improve our quality, how we can meet your expectations better, and our costs to ensure we are a cost-effective solution to you.


Our Humble Beginnings

From our earliest days in 2004, we have approached the needs of our customers with innovation in mind. Today we have become a market leader in auto transportation in the United States. A few brilliant minds came together and we decided to scale the operation – which saw the beginning of AmeriFreight. One client became two, two became four, four became six, and we are now on our way to becoming the fastest growing car shipping company in the US.

It wasn’t just our competitive prices that gave us the head start we were looking for, but the service quality that stood out. People started recommending us to friends and family, to a point where we started shipping cars for manufacturers and the government sector.

We are proud to be the preferred car shipper for military and emergency responders. Today we are hard at work on various projects and campaigns to develop new and better services and products for our customers and carrier partners. We challenge anyone to find a more professional and customer-driven company in the auto transport industry. Our top ratings with the Better Business Bureau (the BBB), as well as the AFta PLAN, testify to our commitment to stellar, professional customer service.

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