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To ship a standard sedan will cost anywhere between $450 and $1500 anywhere in the continental US depending the distance from pickup and delivery. There is NO fixed rate for any shipment because of too many variables in the industry. Factors that may increase the cost of shipping your vehicle are:

1. Size of Vehicle - It costs more the bigger the vehicle as it weighs more and occupies more space
2. Type of vehicle - Trucks and SUV's pay more
3. Condition of the vehicle - If it is not running you will pay a premium
4. Enclosed shipments costs around 80% more than open carrier transport
5. Expedited shipping - If you need your vehicle picked up in a short period of time and/or earlier delivery it costs more.
6. Special requests such as top load may cost more
7. Gap protection coverage that will protect you in case a carrier's insurance fails to pay.
8. Time of year - Holiday seasons or bad weather may increase the rate. High season (Summer) may require higher rates due to carrier demand
9. Economic conditions - Gas rates, factors causing carriers to adjust their rates
10. Location - Remote locations will require carriers to make leave the normal well travelled routes and will cost more money.