When it comes to car shipping, there are many things that can affect the price of moving a vehicle. We’ll give you some of the main reasons that prices can go up or down.

Carriers are the ones who set prices, not brokers. That’s the main point to remember. Brokers usually go by the market that is being set by the thousands of carriers that are out there. If it affects the carrier it will affect the price.

The size of a vehicle plays a part in pricing. Bigger vehicles like trucks, vans, and utility vehicles may raise your price. The bigger the vehicle the less

room a carrier has for other vehicles to fit on their truck. Smaller vehicles such as mid-size cars, compact SUV’s, and two door trucks may actually bring the carriers asking price down. Some carriers only have trailers that fit 2-3 cars, while others can fit up to 10-12.

Weather can play big a role in shipping rates. Just like you, carriers like to avoid potentially hazardous weather conditions. Since carriers haul personal vehicles they must be extra careful when driving. If a carrier has to drive through sleet and snow to deliver your vehicle, the price will likely go up since it can be tricky for big trucks.

The location of Pick up and Delivery play a role in pricing as well. Carriers typically like to stick with major highways and bigger cities when picking up and dropping off. If you live in a rural area, congested city, or a hilly area you might pay more. Locations that are off the beaten path or difficult for big trucks to get into are not attractive to carriers.

AmeriFreight will always try to find the best possible shipping situation for your vehicle. We will look at all of the factors and work with carriers to get a reasonable car shipping rate.