Transporting Cars During Covid-19

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  • Do – Keep a safe distance. Stay 6 feet apart from the driver who is picking up or delivering your car. If needed leave your keys outside so the driver can safely pick up. Ask the driver to leave the keys outside after delivery.
  • Don’t – Make any body contact with the driver (hand shake, exchanging keys).


  • Do – Cover your mouth if you need to cough or sneeze. Make sure to cough/sneeze into your elbow. If you have a cough make sure to wear a mask.
  • Don’t – Cough/sneeze into the air or near someone else. Interact with someone who has been coughing and has symptoms of Covid-19.


  • Don’t – Touch your face when meeting in public. Touch your face if you make contact with the driver. Use your arm to wipe/touch your face.
  • Do – Keep your hands/arms away from any part of your face. Keep your hands away from someone else’s face.


  • Do – Wash and sanitize your hands often and also after pick up and delivery. Wash and sanitize your hands if you make contact with driver. Clean your hands if you touch anything the driver has touched.
  • Don’t – Touch personal items after pick up/delivery without washing your hands thoroughly first. Make hand contact with the driver.


  • Do – Sanitize your keys, hands, anything that the driver touched. Sanitize your vehicle after delivery (door handle, steering wheel, etc.)


Following these guidelines correctly will better protect you and the driver. Together, we can stop the spread of Covid-19!