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15 Aug all

Shipping Your Vehicle vs Driving It Yourself

 Moving your vehicle from one place to another, without actually driving it, is not really as difficult as it may seem at first.  The idea of allowing someone to move your vehicle for you, however, can often be nerve-wracking.

There are, however, a handful of transport moving companies and brokers out there who still believe in the age-old philosophy of “a good customer is a happy customer”.  Amerifreight is definitely one of them.

As you read through countless reviews left for various auto shipping brokers and carriers, it becomes increasingly obvious that the auto transporting business is fraught with frustration and bad experiences, mostly through a lack of understanding or unbiased information available to clients in general.

Some might argue that at the end of the day, driving your own vehicle, no matter how inconvenient and impractical it may be, could be your best option.  You may want to look more closely at the pros and cons of such a decision, before coming to a conclusion.

In today's world of technology, more and more people are purchasing items via the internet, including that perfect family car or collectors vehicle.  More often than not, your choice of vehicle will not be found at your neighbor next door or down the road.  This would mean that you would have to put your entire life on hold, spend a fair amount on transport for you to go get the purchased vehicle, not to mention that you would then incur further costs driving your new vehicle home in terms of wear and tear, mileage and resale value.

Many American families own more than one vehicle, which they have to move over great distances, taking time and even more money along with the negative aspects such as wear and tear, mileage etc. already mentioned.  Most people don't have that much “free time” on their hands, not to mention that driving distances hold their own risk in terms of safety – a proven fact.

Utilizing the services of a Auto Shipping brokerage is, on many levels, the better option.  At first, it may appear to be rather expensive, until one sits down and works out the actual cost of moving your own vehicle, then suddenly it becomes a “no-brainer” option.  It becomes obvious that it is actually cheaper, not to mention more convenient, to use a broker, even more so than to go direct to an auto transportation company.  As it is, generally speaking, the average American does not have a lot of monthly or annual experience with shipping a vehicle, so it is really a matter of luck as to who you end up using.  Brokers, on the other hand, have daily experience with auto shipping companies.  They know what to look out for.  The experience of their clients is a very important factor to their business success.  They have, over time, built up a “select” list of auto shipping companies, based on previous experience, an experience that cannot fairly have a price tag placed on it.

For your peace of mind, and sanity, based on thousands of “real customer reviews”, it is highly recommend utilizing the services of Amerifreight and their staff, whose focus is honestly, the best experience for the customer.  While things do happen that could dampen the experience, no matter who you use, for the most part, Amerifreight customer experiences are positive.  People, like to complain and generally prefer to post negative reviews, yet, after reading so many reviews, it is still very apparent, that customers of Amerifreight are “happy customers”.

Amerifreight has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, you may check that out yourself easily at, no need to just take my word for it …

When you are ready to ship your vehicle, even door-to-door, after having validated the information in this article, you can easily contact an Amerifreight agent via their website at


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