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24 Dec all

Ship Your Vehicle with Amerifreight

When you need a discounted dependable car shipping company to move your vehicle on your behalf to another state, it can be most disconcerting should you find a multiple quote provider online. You may fill out their quote form, initially thinking that it will save you time and money. Unfortunately, instead of saving yourself the time you thought you would, you are instead inundated with quotes from all over America from companies fighting for your business. 

By using these multiple quote providers, you run a real risk of having your email address harvested and resold as a potential lead for any company willing to pay for them. 

There is, however, a far more effective way of saving yourself the time you would otherwise lose by performing hundreds of Google searches and reading thousands of reviews online.  Top approved and licensed shipping brokers, who maintain an A+ BBB rating, will often keep a list of premium car carrier companies that they work with.  Right off the bat, this saves customers the hassle of potentially being placed with a poor carrier.  Though utilizing the services of a broker includes a small brokerage fee,  your chance them placing you with a carrier offering a discount is much higher.  By paying a brokers fee, you may have saved yourself a lot more in the long run, not only financially, but also in the quality of service you receive. 

Amerifreight\\\'s customer service agents pride themselves in the quality of their service.  Amerifreight consultants are highly skilled and trained to negotiate inexpensive rates on your behalf and to hold your hand throughout your shipping experience.  Should any unforeseen or unfortunate incident occur, Amerifreight consultants will eagerly assist in its quick resolution.  The entire shipping process is explained in detail to consumers and consumers are encouraged to ask as many questions as they wish.  Amerifreight consultants remain friendly and eager to assist.  All negotiated offers from shipping companies will be communicated to you, their client, before finalizing the shipping details.  Once a transport shipper has been found and the final price agreed upon, you are given contact details of the shippers so that you can keep track of the movement of your vehicle. Amerifreight will maintain their contact with you until the safe delivery of your auto at its final destination.  You may then be requested to submit a review on the service provided by Amerifreight on several websites to assist other potential clients who need assistance shipping their vehicles.  Honesty in your review online of Amerifreight is encouraged.

You can contact Amerifreight through their website at We encourage you to read as many reviews as possible on Amerifreight\\\'s services prior to using them.  Various review sites can be found via Google, or you can start with top review sites at, or

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