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It is all about one of your most expensive and prized possessions. YOU’RE CAR. We make it our business to care about you and your vehicle.

Broker vs Carrier:

AmeriFreight is a broker. Most reputable auto transport carrier (trucking) companies do their business through brokers. AmeriFreight ensures you that a carrier is fully vetted to legally ship your vehicle. We also confirm that carriers are fully insured for carrier error. This means, should the driver cause damage to a vehicle, the damage will be compensated for. Any damage caused other than carrier error will be referred to the customer’s own insurance requiring a deductible payment. It is recommended that customers purchase the AFta PLAN gap coverage that will eliminate out of pocket expenses including deductibles. AmeriFreight is one of a few companies that offer this exclusive benefit to their customers. By shipping direct with a carrier, you will only have some, if any, of the benefits Amerifreight offers you. You risk important customer service support, possible illegal or uninsured transportation, and the safety of your vehicle.

AmeriFreight is truly a different breed of auto transport company: From the time of its inception in 2004 to the present day, we have turned the car shipping industry on its head, from aggressive, innovative new pricing and shipping options, to establishing an unparalleled level of customer service. In fact, most companies established after us and even already well established businesses have modeled themselves according to our strategy and methodology.

Strictly speaking, as your broker, we only need to arrange a suitable registered and insured carrier for shipping your car, with no further responsibility to ensure your shipment is trouble free. However, unlike traditional brokers, we have gone the extra mile and will stick with you throughout your shipment until the time of delivery. In case of damages and complaints with the carriers we assign to your vehicle, we will follow up and help you resolve any problems you may have.

Our pricing strategy has redefined the way quotes are created. This method has made shipping affordable to those that seek discounted rates if they are not pressed for time, while our carriers get paid well when shipments are expedited, requiring higher rates. Today, this method of quoting and pricing has been adopted by virtually everyone in the industry. Before our influence, pricing was much more restrictive and inflexible providing customers, carriers, and brokers little opportunity to address anyone’s needs effectively and fairly.

We have even gone further. Although 99.9% of brokers will tell you that your car is insured, they are, often times, unaware of all the exclusions to the carrier insurance. You are welcome to ask them details on what is covered and what is excluded. Their answers will likely be quite evasive. We have done extensive research on how we can help secure our customers' vehicles in case a carrier's insurance fails to pay. The result was a joint venture agreement with Allied Fidelity Group LLC where all customers have the option for additional AFta PLAN gap coverage when shipping the economy or priority rates. Our first class customers will receive the benefit of free gap coverage added to their order. The AFta PLAN is now also available through other broker agents.

Due to our different approach and unique way of addressing the needs of our customers and also treating our carriers with similar respect, we have grown from being a fledgling company in 2004 to becoming the market leader in auto transportation in the USA.

We are proud to be the preferred car shipper for our military, emergency services, students and the elderly. Various projects and campaigns are underway to develop even better services and products for our customers and carrier partners. We challenge anyone to find a more professional and customer service driven company in the auto transport industry. Our top ratings with the BBB and AFta PLAN testify of our commitment to the stellar, professional customer service we are known for.