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AmeriFreight Direct Logistics

AmeriFreight offers vehicle transportation services for any type of vehicle including motor vehicles, motor cycles, trailers, boats and RV's. In fact virtually anything that has wheels. Most shipments are done in the continental United States of America. Discounts are offered to our military, first responders, students and senior citizens.

We invite anyone to do some research online and compare us to any other auto transporter. We can prove ourselves to be the only company that will offer consumers a full line of service guarantees.

Be sure to give us a call BEFORE you finally decide who to ship with

Our Price Guarantee

You will never pay a penny more for your shipment than the rate we quoted you. If we underquoted you we will pay the difference from our account.

Our Protection Guarantee

Should you notice damage to your vehicle within 48 hours after delivery you will be compensated up to $600 for your repairs if  a carrier refuses to compensate.

Our Service Guarantee

Amerifreight is one of the most trusted and reliable vehicle shipping companies in the industry. if we have failed to deliver as promised, we refund you our full service fee.    ***

Price Bid Guarantee

If your priority is to get the cheapest rate, suggest a rate or name any rate of one of our competitors and we will use that rate to bid on your behalf to get the best rate your vehicle will ship at.