Does car shipping costs vary from state to state?

Vehicle shipments to California, Florida, New York, and Texas are the busiest routes by far. Other states like Georgia, Virginia, Washington, Massachusetts, Ohio, the Carolina’s, and Arizona round off the top destinations for auto shipping. The remaining states are less in demand and thus have fewer carriers supporting those routes. The popularity of your particular route impacts the rates and delivery schedules for your delivery dates. For instance, although it may be further from your shipping point, there are more transports to the top states. That allows car shippers to accommodate your needs better and sometimes offer better rates. If the delivery is to a lesser-traveled destination, then the car shipper may find it more expensive or time-consuming to fit your desired delivery. Our expert staff can do the car shipping legwork for you to any state and can give you the best options. Use us – we are here to help. Use our Auto Shipping Rate Calculator to get an estimate on how much it will cost to ship your car.