Shipping Your Vehicle - Understanding the Process

Moving from one state to another can be a stressful experience. Trying to find a National shipping company is not only stressful but can cause frustration and despair. There are so many unknown factors to consider before handing over your keys to an unknown entity, trusting that they will take care of your vehicle when you have had no previous experience in transporting a vehicle with them and may never need the service again in the future. Not to mention that you also need to consider the costs involved. Most times individuals believe that working directly with the transport shipping company, leaving the “middle- man” out would save you money, when in reality, it could cost you more. Why? Because choosing the most discounted rate, could mean that your vehicle will not be taken care of, leaving you with damage costs in the end. Shipping companies do not insure your vehicle during transportation to or from the carrier, nor do they insure your vehicle from damage caused by natural forces or forces out of their control, such as a stone hitting your windscreen during the transporting process. Sure, you could opt for an enclosed truck for the moving of your vehicle, [200] but that would immediately add up to 60% onto the overall cost of moving the vehicle. This is why it is recommended in the shipping industry, that you should rather go through an approved shipping brokerage as they are dealing with auto shipping companies on a daily basis. They know, through experience, what to look for in an auto shipping company and over time have built up a list of reliable, discounted, licensed and approved agencies whom they prefer to use based on their years of experience in dealing with such companies. Also, shipping companies wait until their carriers are full before dispatching them, in which case you could be left standing with unnecessary delays in moving your vehicle from one state to another. Transport brokers, due to the demand for vehicle transportation, are able to allocate your vehicle to a shipping company that is almost full or will be filled shortly, limiting your waiting period. Brokers are quick to drop auto shippers from their list of dependable movers, should they or their clients have negative experiences with them. Their business depends heavily on their choice of carriers. Another thing to consider when you need to move your vehicle is that brokers need to negotiate the best discounted option on your behalf, so the original quote they give you for the transporting of your auto almost always starts off at the lowest possible rate which does not mean that the quote you have received is cast in stone. Your auto shipping broker is merely giving you a ball-park figure upon which to base your budgets, they then go out and negotiate the lowest possible rates that auto shippers are willing to accept in order to transport your auto. When there are no shipping companies willing to transport your vehicle within your time-frame from and to your choice of state/s, they are obligated in increase the rate a little and try again with the bidding process and continue to do this until they find some dependable, approved and licensed takers, however, a reputable brokerage, such as Amerifreight, will never bill you until they have received your acceptance of the new figure and get the “go-ahead” from you. Amerifreight will not only negotiate the best possible rate for you with a dependable shipping company, but will literally “hold your hand” from the beginning of the process to the very end.