“Good To Knows” of Door-to-door Shipping

If you wish to ship your auto from one state to another, the cost of such an undertaking is one of the very first questions that pop into your head. You have a budget that you need to stick to and you would like to ensure that the cost of shipping your vehicle easily falls within your reach. You need to find the most dependable auto shipping company at a discounted rate, but you need the shipper to be BBB accredited, licensed and approved. To secure these factors, you would be better served by utilizing the services of an auto broker. In the shipping industry there are various factors that will affect the final cost. Auto shipping companies have pricing structures that include the distance, time frame, time of year and weight of car. Auto brokers consider the following, when estimating the cost to transport your auto: 1. Current location of the vehicle and the intended destination – is your vehicle to be dropped off near the freeway or is it to be dropped off in a residential area that requires special permits; 2. Time frame – do you need to ship your vehicle urgently or do you have a little time to get your auto broker to find the best price; 3. Fuel costs – most shippers use diesel, when the price of diesel increases, so do shipping costs. Ship your vehicle quickly if there is a drop in diesel price; 4. Whether you require door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal pick up and delivery; and 5. If you wish to ship your car boxed in or in an open carriage. To make your shipping costs easily accessible, there are free calculating tools available at www.carmoversdirectory.net. For any quote to ship your vehicle you will need the following information about your car: 1. Make, model and year; 2. Odometer reading; 3. A vehicle inspection report in the case of a previously used vehicle. It is always handy to have your own insurance for your vehicle, however, all carriers have federally-mandated $750,000 worth of insurance; others could have more than $1 million worth of insurance. It is important to ensure that your vehicle is insured through the carrier's insurance. You should also ask your broker offers the Gap Cover Insurance known as the AftaPlan. Should the company/broker you choose not offer this cover, it should be seen as a red-flag and you should re-consider whether you should or should not be using the company you have chosen. The insurance held by shipping companies does not cover personal items inside your trunk or car. These items should be removed, along with any items added to your vehicle such as antennas, bike racks or fog lamps. Also worth considering, is that shipping items in your vehicle impacts on the price of shipping too. All Auto Shippers are required by law, to have both liability and cargo insurance, however, you may not necessarily be made aware of the exclusions included in their insurance. You are entitled to request written proof of coverage and the limitations or exclusions. If the insurance is not enough to cover your vehicle ask them to give you the cost of the additional cover needed in writing. Remember to ask for a list of any additional charges you will be required to cover, ie. Extra insurance fees, fuel surcharges or anything else that you should be made aware of. All shippers in the US have an MC number, an active USDOT number and Operating Authority. This information can be checked at www.safersys.org To get your auto shipped with top approved, licensed and dependable discounted shippers, request assistance from the consultants at www.amerifreight.net