Shipping Your Vehicle - What to expect

The process of shipping your vehicle can be scary, to say the least. But is really is not as complicated as you might think at first. Auto Shipping Brokers are there to assist you with the process and to make it as easy as possible. Choosing a broker is also quite simple. The best place to start to find the best auto shipping broker is review sites like or the BBB. In fact, you could use any review site you can find on google. It is unrealistic to think that in order to use a dependable broker, they should have absolutely no complaints on review sites. Should this be the case, it would be wise to consider those reviews as misleading and unreliable. However, the number of positive reviews should outweigh the negative ones. You should also read negative reviews carefully and decide whether the review of the auto broker is a reflection of the bad service provided by the broker or the service provided by the carrier. Auto Carriers and Brokers are two separate entities, however they work closely with each other and are both essential to the shipping industry. Brokers use their experience to pre-select auto carriers that they have had previous excellent service from. They also use their essential function in the industry to get the cheapest Transport Carrier rate. They provide auto carriers with the majority of their business and play an essential role in the success of the carriers. It is therefore, very important to choose a dependable broker to assist you in shipping your vehicle. Once you have chosen your broker, you will be asked to provide certain information such as the year, make and model of your vehicle, your time requirements (date of pick-up and delivery), pick-up address and contact details, the address for delivery, vehicle type eg. SUV, Sedan, Convertible and your preference for carrier type. You will be given an estimate costing. You need only book your car for shipping a couple of weeks beforehand. When your broker has found an approved carrier for your vehicle at the best discounted rate, you will be contacted and the true price of shipping is then agreed upon before your credit card is billed and your vehicle booked with the carrier. You should be given the name and contact details for the transport shipping carrier and your pick up date will be arranged. Once your car has been picked up, a good broker will maintain contact with you in order to ensure a good experience and will eagerly resolve any issues, should any arise, on your behalf and give you the best assistance and advice. A good broker should be BBB Accredited and should maintain a B+ or higher rating. This can be checked at A vehicle inspection will occur prior to transportation of your car as well as once delivery has taken place. You will then be requested by your broker to place your review online for others who will require the same service at a later date. For a positive shipping experience, we suggest that you place your order with who is BBB Accredited and maintain a strong A rating. All consultants at Amerifreight are highly trained and their main focus is the well-being of their client and the client's' experience.