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23 Dec all

Knowledge is Power in the Shipping Industry

When you need to ship your vehicle, it is important to know what options are available to you, other than getting someone you know / or don\\\'t know to drive the vehicle for you. Utilizing the services of an auto broker like Amerifreight, is highly recommended. Amerifreight is a top company in the field of dependable auto shipping and places major emphasis on customer service. Their staff are highly trained in relation to the process and procedure of auto shipping, and they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Amerifreight can answer all of your questions honestly on the process involved and will freely give the best advice on shipping vehicles across any state in America.

Brokers, like Amerifreight, act as middlemen between customers and car carrier companies. Amerifreight’s main goal is to protect the interests of each individual client. Most companies found on the internet are brokers; they don\\\'t actually ship autos. However, they are trained to seek out and find the best, discounted shipping rates for their customers and are there to assist with any problems one might encounter during the transport process. After providing a rough estimate of how much it could cost to ship the vehicle, Amerifreight then seeks out the best shipping company based on each customer’s personal needs including: place of origination and destination, time­ frames, budget, and any other special requirements. They negotiate the lowest prices available, and once an ideal shipping agency is located, Amerifreight comes back to their customer with the offer for their consideration. Should any dispute arise due to vehicle damage or carrier negligence, Amerifreight will immediately take care of their clients\\\' needs and best interests, resolving any conflicts as quickly as possible. However, it is important to remember that less than 5% of vehicles shipped sustain any damage at all during the shipping process. Were a customer to go through a carrier directly, they would be forced to deal with any disputes on their own. 

Lead Aggregators design their websites to look trustworthy, however, once they have gathered your information and requirements, they then sell your information to various shipping brokers. This often leads to customers receiving numerous quotes and phone calls from brokers trying to win over your business.

Carriers are the trucking companies that actually do the transportation of your vehicle. They own multi­level car carriers, 3 car haulers, and open and enclosed trailers. 

By using Amerifreight to find the cheapest and most dependable shipping company, you will be given complete contact details for the driver and carrier selected to assist you. Should you have any questions, Amerifreight\\\'s staff is highly trained to be there for you through every step of the process, removing as much stress as possible for you, the client.

For further information or to start the shipping process, visit and be sure the read their excellent customer reviews for Amerifreight.  They serve as further proof of Amerifreight\\\'s commitment to outstanding customer service. 

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