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15 Aug all

How to Ship Your Vehicle in the USA

So you need to ship a vehicle or two to another state, but where do you start?

First, you need to find a licensed auto shipping company, accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a B+ or higher rating to transport your vehicle. You need a discounted rate that will fit your budget. You need great customer service. You also need someone to help you through the complicated process of shipping your vehicle from one state to the next.
You have so many questions with no answers. You feel overwhelmed. So, you do what the average American does – you Google it. You find many reviews – most of which scare you. You find numerous shipping companies who are more than willing to assist you, however, you are suddenly inundated with quotes from dozens of companies, and yet, you are no closer to accomplishing this daunting task than when you began.

In order to find a reputable, discounted, BBB Accredited and licensed vehicle shipping company in USA, you would do best to go through a broker. Although you will be required to pay a brokerage fee, in the long run, you save money, as vehicle shipping brokers understand the transport process and have your best interest at heart. Brokers negotiate with numerous carriers, on your behalf, and source the best bid from shipping companies and then pass the information on to you. They explain the entire process to you, giving you pointers to look out for, and should your vehicle be damaged in transit, they will assist you with the claim. Brokers, over time, have sourced the best approved, dependable, licensed movers who have proven themselves to be reliable over extensive periods of time. The reputation of top shipping brokers depends on the service offered by the carriers, so should the carriers not live up to the expectations of the brokers, they are quickly removed from databases of approved auto shipping carriers.

Currently, one of the top licensed brokers with BBB Accreditation is Amerifreight Car Shipping. Not only do they have an A+ (Plus) rating with the BBB, but Amerifreight's staff provides outstanding customer service, a rare quality in the shipping industry. Their consultants are highly trained in their field of expertise. Don't be surprised when you are encouraged to leave a review after your shipping experience. Brokers rely heavily upon the reviews left by their clients due to the nature of the business. Brokers also use the review process to determine the quality of customer service offered by their consultants and to see where they can improve their services.

To get your vehicle professionally shipped at a discounted rate with a dependable auto shipping company, contact Amerifreight now via their website that can be found at

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