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California - Largest Cities
City/Country Population Latitude/Longitude
1      Los Angeles     3,928,864 34.111 , -118.450
2      San Diego     1,381,069 27.765 , -98.250
3      San Jose     1,015,785 35.457 , -105.438
4      San Francisco     852,469 37.719 , -122.410
5      Fresno     515,986 29.529 , -95.463
6      Sacramento     485,199 40.635 , -76.613
7      Long Beach     473,577 46.377 , -124.047
8      Oakland     413,775 35.223 , -89.552
9      Bakersfield     368,759 44.791 , -72.797
10      Anaheim     346,997 33.858 , -117.748
AmeriFreight – California’s Reliable Auto Transport Service

Most people still believe that the best way to move their vehiclesto a new locationis to just drive them themselves. Of course, the idea of driving your own car works if the area you’re living in is just a small state.However, if you live in California, the third largest state in the U.S., then moving your vehicles on your own won’t be that easy.

Dealing with California’s Congested Thoroughfare

California may offer bright lights and a wonderful climate but it’s also known for its highly congested roads. This is one of the many challenges you’ll be up against if you decide to move your vehicles on your own. Among the many places in California that generate tons of traffic, here are the top four that have been found to be the most congested:

Los Angeles, Long Beach and Anaheim.    

These three cities are connected by the three most congested roads – the US-101 south and northbound and the I-10 eastbound. Due to the unpredictability of the traffic in these areas, people passing through here lose almost 80 hours annually costing them roughly around $1,700 in travel expenses.

  1. San Francisco to Oakland.       
    The Bay Area holds the distinction of being one of the four congested areas in the United States. Even though 18% of commuters use public transportation and 5.3% just walk, it still fails to reduce the number of vehicles on the road which results in a total congestion cost of $3.1 billion.
  2. San Jose.
  3. Although its population is just around the 3-million margin, San Jose falls under the list of top congested cities in California with a travel index of 1.38. The average hours annually it takes commuters to get to their destination is 67 hours causing them to lose an average of $1,400 in terms of travel costs.
  4. Riverside to San Bernardino.
    With rush hours totaling to 6.8 hours a day, it’s no surprise that the travel from Riverside to San Bernardino causes commuters to lose 59 hours a year. The cause of the congestion - more than a million drive to get to where they’re going resulting in an influx of vehicles on the road.

With California’s congested roads and often times unpredictable drivers, moving vehicles on your own may not be worth the risk. The best way to get around CA is by hiring a reliable auto transport service.

Common Misconceptions People Have About Automotive Transport

Even though California is home to a number of auto transport companies, not everyone is keen on hiring one. Just like any other business, car shipping businesses in CA aren’t spared from having their own set of misconceptions. Here are some of the myths you may encounter:

  • Deal Directly with the Carrier.
    Some will tell you that it’s cheaper to deal directly with the auto carrier but that’s not always the case.First, not all carriers have their own customer relations office. If you encounter problems during transport, you may not be able to get the customer support you need. Second, carriers cover only a limited area weekly soif you need your vehicles delivered on a specific date, you’ll have to exert effort in finding the right carrier.Having a car shipping broker in California eliminates these hassles since they have a list of the best carriers in their directory.
  • Online Quotes are 100% Reliable.
    The quotes you get online from auto transport companies in CA are often computed using an online Calculator. While they’re fairly accurate, the total you see in the end may not be the final total. Quotes serve mostly as estimates which mean they can still change. One example would be when a car shipping company decides to update its prices before your final agreement with them. Other quotes may not compute taxes (VAT) and other miscellaneous fees into their grand total.
  • Cost is Based on Distance.
    Generally, the cost of shipping your vehicles is still based on the area where you will be relocating. However, the total amount will still depend on the demands you put in. Shipping a typical sedan in CA from the place of pickup to its delivery destination may cost you around $450 to $2,000. However, other variables may change this price range such as:
  • Size and type of vehicle to be shipped
  • Vehicle’s current running condition
  • Request for rush shipment
  • Current gas prices
  • Dates and Time (shipping will cost more during the holidays
  • Special delivery conditions and requests
  • Difficulty in reaching delivery location (road obstructions, rough road, etc.)
Advantages of Hiring An Auto Transport Company in California

California auto transport companies are more than capable of moving your vehicles from point A to point B. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy once you hire one:

  • Avoid the California Traffic.
      Yes, California loves its cars and it’s no surprise that you’ll find yourself dealing with traffic every now and then,whether you find yourself on “the 10” or the 405 Freeway. The best auto transport companies in CA know about this dilemma all too well. To address this problem, auto transport companies have mapped out the best routes in and out of California to avoid the traffic and get to their destination quickly and safely.
  • Drivers Have Years of Experience.
    Whether traffic is free flowing or not, most drivers in California have dealt with vehicles that drive too fast or frequently move lanes. To deal with this, top car shipping companies hire drivers with years of experience driving around California. These drivers know the roads and freeways so they’re able to get to their destination with ease. Plus, their experience enables them to keep a steady hand on the wheel even while other vehicles around them dart and switch lanes.
  • Dealing with Professionals.
    Auto transport companies in California take pride in being professionals in their craft. They’re able to give advice on what documents are needed to process the transport of the vehicles, provide you with estimates on how much you’ll be spending to have your cars shipped, and assist you in case you have problems with their transport service.
Vehicle Prep –Things To  Consider When Shipping Your Vehicles In and Out of California

Prior to moving your vehicles, auto transport companies in California will provide you with a list of requirements to prepare before your cars’ transportation:

  1. Remove all your personal belongings and other important items like documents and cash from your vehicles.
  2. Turn off your car alarm to keep them from sounding off while your vehicles are being moved.
  3. Make sure your car is in good working condition. Check if its batteries are fully charged, its tires are properly inflated and there aren’t any oil, fuel or water leaks.
  4. Leave adequate amount of fuel for loading and unloading. A quarter tank will be good enough for these tasks.
  5. Provide the car shipping company with your updated contact information so if anything happens during the shipment, they’ll be able to get in touch with you.  
Why Choose AmeriFreight To Ship Cars In and Out of California

AmeriFreight is one of the top rated auto transport companies in California. The company combines real discount car shipping rates with the best auto transport protection coverage to ensure that your vehicles get to their destination safe and sound.

Regarded for their quick, reliable and affordable shipping service, AmeriFreight offers a variety of transport solutionsto make moving vehicles in and out of CA a hassle-free endeavor.

  1. AFtaGap Protection Coverage

AmeriFreight offers a Comprehensive Auto Transport Protection complete with the AFta PLAN one of the premier gap coverage assurance plans in California. This plan covers any minor damages dealt to the insured vehicle during shipping should a carrier fail to pay for them.

  1. Top Rated BBB Accreditation

As a highly rated BBB accredited automotive transport company in California, AmeriFreight has received numerous positive reviews from its customers for the quality of service it provides. From its courteous personnel and capable transport facilities, AmeriFreight has been able to meet its customers every need, establishing itself as a company that customers can trust for car shipment.

  1. More than 3,000 Delivery Trucks On Hand

AmeriFreight has more 3,000 delivery trucks ready and waiting to move your vehicles. Aside from your standard open-air truck, there are also enclosed car haulers which can protect your cars from harsh elements.

  1. Discounts on Shipping Rates

AmeriFreight recognizes how the country’s military, police and fire fighters give their all to ensure safety and security.  As a token of appreciation, AmeriFreight offers shipping discounts to members of protection and emergency services. These discounts extend to students and senior citizens as well.