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BBB Rating for car shipping companies - Is your auto transporter accredited with the BBB ? :

Have you ever asked yourself which are the best car shipping companies in America? Don’t select a car shipping company that just quotes a low rate to get your business. Do some research on customer satisfaction ratings and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). An auto transport company should at least be accredited with the BBB and have a B+ or higher rating. The BBB is the only truly independent business reliability evaluation board for auto transporters. Even review sites may be manipulated by car shipping companies to create a false image of their real reputation. AmeriFreight has an A+ (Plus) rating with the BBB and prides itself as the absolute best top rated customer reviewed auto transport company in the USA. And to add to that, we offer some of the lowest, most competitive rates in the car shipping industry.

Auto Transport Brokers - Should I ship my car with no broker involved? :

To ship a car with no broker involved is a calculated risk. Auto Transport Brokers help to ensure that the carrier you use is licensed and insured. Without a broker, you run the risk of using an unreliable carrier, which more often than not leaves you with a damaged vehicle and no form of recourse. Our auto transport brokers will support you from the time you order to the delivery of your vehicle.

Car or Carriers - How do I make sure I use a reputable carrier to ship my car? :

All vehicle transport companies share the same dispatch board in the US. This means that more than 3,000 car carriers in the United States are represented there as well as most auto transport brokers. However, a very large number have undesirable ratings. You should only use vehicle shipping brokers that use car carriers with an excellent rating, preferably 95% or higher. That is the minimum requirement Amerifreight has when choosing a carrier to ship your vehicle.

Auto Transport Cost and Pricing - How much does it cost to ship a car :

The right quote to ship your car is not always absolutely predictable. Your car will move at a rate that is acceptable in the industry. For a quick rate “estimate” use our rate calculator. Auto Transport Brokers normally quote a rate they feel comfortable a carrier will be happy with. No rate can actually be unconditionally guaranteed, promising a free delivery if the conditions are not met. Deliveries can almost never be guaranteed. There are major costs incurred when shipping a car. If a broker quotes too low, you will be asked to add money to get to a higher rate acceptable to a carrier to move your car. It is important that your broker explains this and is honest from the start and that they offer different pricing options. A low rate and an unconditional guaranteed pickup smells of bait and switch. AmeriFreight will offer you a conditional guarantee and do your shipment at the best possible, competitive car-shipping rate with the most reliable carriers and the best service in the car shipping industry.

Car Shipping Insurance - Am I really covered 100% for any damage when I have my car shipped?:

It is true for all car shipping companies, including AmeriFreight, that your car will be 100% covered by a carrier’s insurance while it is loaded onto a truck. Unfortunately, what most brokers will not tell you is that often times there are exclusions with insurance. In some instances, a carrier’s insurance may fail to pay for damages to your vehicle, leaving you in a situation where you must revert to your own personal vehicle insurance. AmeriFreight is one of a few top rated auto transporters that offer gap protection through the AFta PLAN. No car shipment should be without it and every car shipper should reconsider any company that do not offer gap protection for shipping vehicles.

Stellar Auto Transport Car Shipping Services

Have you been on the lookout for a reliable auto transport broker in America? AmeriFreight is one such company, with over 95% excellent ratings. Finding an auto transport car shipping service is easier than ever through the existence of rating metrics, and we are currently one of the highest rated auto transport brokers as per most performance metrics today.

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